A Few Essential Tips for Relocating Interstate in Australia

A lot of us spend most of our lives in the same place and so relocating interstate in Australia as an adult can be trying in a number of ways. Not only do you have to deal with moving all of your things and hiring a removalist company but you’ll probably also worry about your things getting to the new house on time and finding your place in a new neighbourhood.

Relocating Interstate in Australia

When we moved, it was a bit of a hassle due to a number of factors.

These few essential tips can help you get a foothold in your new life in another state and flourish as soon as you get settled.

Make Friends in Your New NEIGHBOURHOOD

One of the easiest ways to make a smooth transition when relocating interstate in Australia is to already have people that you can talk to or interact with when you get there. You can try finding a group online or through social media and you can also find out about the town’s events where you can attend to get acquainted with your new neighbours.

Learn About Job Prospects

Not everyone gets a transfer or an immediate placement in their new town when they move and this can be the cause of a lot of anxiety. Relocating interstate in Australia becomes much simpler when you know what kinds of job prospects are available. Talk to prospective employers ahead of time and make a visit to your new town if possible to drop off your resume and/or application in person.

Label Your Possessions Clearly

Every box will have to go to a certain place in your new home and the removalist company may make it to there before you do. Relocating interstate in Australia is tricky for this reason because you have to time the move to match up with your own arrival over a long period of travel. Make the process easier for everyone by including detailed labels for every box. Don’t just write which room the box goes in but instead also write where in the room it should go. This way the boxes of books end up next to the bookshelves, the linens by the linen closets, the dishes near the cabinets, and the throw pillows next to the bed. Unpacking will be a cinch with these labels and loading/unloading the truck will be a more efficient experience for the removalist company.

When we moved, we used crusader removals who were very professional and went out of there way to help us out. If your moving to or from Perth give them a call.

Get to Know Your New Town

There’s more to the town you’ll be living in than the people and the job prospects. Relocating interstate in Australia is also about enjoying the natural wonders and attractions of your new place of residence. Find out what there is to do, where the good supermarket it, the best pub in town, and where you can find places to exercise your favorite hobbies.

Love Your New Life

This is the last and possibly most essential step in relocating interstate in Australia. New places might seem a little scary or nerve wracking but if you do your research and take some time to get acquainted, you’ll love your new life in no time. Let yourself get comfortable, hang your favorite photos, and invite your old friends and family to come stay so you can have a blast showing them your new town!

Tips to Help You Understand Skip Bin Hire

If you’re new to learning about skip bin hire, some background information on bin hire might be useful. A skip is a large open-topped container used for waste, which is designed for loading onto a special type of lorry. After the skip is picked up and hauled away, the bin is removed from the lorry and is then tipped at a transfer station or landfill site. When the skip is removed from the lorry, it is replaced with an empty skip.

Tips when hiring a skip bin privider

Bins Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Bins come in different shapes and sizes to fit your household or industrial needs. Deciding on the perfect sized bin depends on the type and size of waste that you wish to use them for. Weight limited skips are available for general domestic or commercial waste that is light, or you can choose to order a combination of skip bins which may cost less.

Types of waste are generally split into eight groups, including general waste, green waste, mixed heavy waste, clean waste, mixed rubble, household, asbestos, and excavation waste. Bin suppliers, as well as waste facilities are strict when it comes to placing the correct types of waste into bins and additional charges may apply if necessary.

Types of Bins

There are four popular skin bins available, including marrel skip bins, hook lift bins, mobile skips, and skip bags. Marrel skip bins have higher sides but are shorter in length than the hook lift bins. In most cases, you will require a permit for any bin that is not placed on your property, such as the road or nature strip.

Hook lift bins are longer in length and have lower sides with a rear opening tailgate for easy bobcat access. A permit is usually required if you plan to place your bin anywhere else than on your property. If in doubt, it’s always best to contact your local council for more information.

Rusty Skip BinMobile skips cannot hold heavy waste, but they are great for everyday use. They have lockable lids and can conveniently be placed in garages, parking stations, and under carports. Mobile skips have wheels and are road registered vehicles. They are transported on the back of a trailer and can be placed on the road without a council payment. However, you do need to follow general parking rules and regulations.

Skip bags, on the other hand, are perfect for long-term waste disposal. They are great if you don’t know how big of a bin you need or how long it’ll take to fill it. Often times, skip bags can be kept for up to two months at a time, and you just need to call your supplier to schedule a date for collection and waste disposal.

Find the Perfect Bin for You and Your Household

Even though there are several things to consider before choosing an appropriate bin hire, hopefully these tips will be helpful for finding the perfect skip bin for your needs!

3 Types of Household Tools That You Could Safely Deposit in a Storage Facility

Storage Facility in Perth

Most individuals with basic DIY skills and a sufficient amount of spare time on their hands like to get involved in home improvement projects on a regular basis. However, even the do-it-yourself enthusiasts may have a hard time depositing the tools that they not get to use very often. If this problem sounds familiar to you, you may want to consider storing your nonessential offsite, inside a clean, safe and secure unit in a storage facility. Here are three categories of household tools that could easily find their place inside one of the many modern storage units you can rent in Perth today.

  1. Woodworking Tools.

    Sets of gardening tools hanging neatlyPeople who love building or restoring their furniture usually own an impressive collection of expensive woodworking tools. These items usually occupy a lot of space and may force homeowners to turn their indoors into improvised workshops. If you are like me, you’d like to keep your basement, attic or garage clutter-free and find the best spot to keep these essential belongings. I chose to send these expensive tools to storage where I know they will be safe from prying eyes between the times I need them. Like me, Inside your rented room you can preserve these tools in excellent condition inside metal trays stored in tool cabinets, or organise and display them in style inside custom-made tool chests. The storage space is dry so there is no issues with stuff rusting or seizing over time.

  2. Garden Tools.

    Let’s face it: you only get to use your garden tools a couple of months each year. When you look at your garden maintenance routine from this angle, you realise that you could do a lot of things with the valuable space that is currently occupied by a messy pile of hand tools, including hand cultivators, spades, forks and pitchforks. The good news is that you could always restore the beauty and functionality of any corner by de-cluttering it and reorganising any garden tools, including bulkier items, such as lawn mowers, inside your rented Perth storage unit.

  3. Craft Tools.

    Craft Tools on Table lying aroundUnlike heavy, large woodworking tools, craft tools do not take up a lot of space; on the other hand, these goods are easy to lose or misplace, given that they are so tiny. To avoid this drawback and prevent a potential clutter issue associated with your hobby, think about renting storage units in Perth and use them as your very own storage room/craft store. Inside a modern unit with climate control you could deposit just about any type of crafting supplies that you could name at this point, including tissue paper, glue, all-purpose scissors, glitter, craft knives and bags of sequins, peals and beads.

The self-storage industry is growing exponentially, more and more home owners or business owners prefer to keep their stuff in a storage facility. Things like personal items, house furniture, household appliances, collectables and other precious items are stored under secure conditions in these safe and accessible self-storage units. Storing all these handy tools offsite on time and on a tight budget is doable. Rent your units in Perth with one of the leading storage facility providers, and benefit from the most attractive rates and features.

Three Reasons Why a Painter Will Do Your Outside Painting Job Better

Outdoor painter putting Last coat on building

If you do your homework before choosing a contractor to perform your outside painting job, you will see that choosing a professional painter is a wise decision. Thanks to the internet, you can search for reviews of just about any worthwhile company.

Over the years we have hired a few painting contractors to do work in and out of the house.

When we lived in cairns, we used this professional Cairns painter for our outdoor painting and had excellent results. At first we were looking at tackling the job ourselves but after a chat with the contractors, we decided it was best to leave it to the professionals. A couple of the reasons why we come to this conclusion can be found below.

They’re Used to Working Outside

Painter painting interior of lounge in Cairns AustraliaDue to the gorgeous year-round weather in Australia, outdoor painters get plenty of experience, no matter the time of the year. Since temperatures stay relatively high all year round, any season is outdoor painting season.Taking on this job yourself in the searing heat of summer can take its toll. Without proper hydration and shading its easy to run into health and safety issues.

They Know How to Fight Mold and Mildew

One of the biggest struggles of living in Cairns, and i’m sure other parts of Australia, is the higher exposure to mold and mildew. Thankfully, painters are trained to work on homes with mold, and they know how to mask it. Many local painters use mold inhibitors to prevent mold growth and to extend the life of the paint itself.

They Specialize in Protecting Paint from the Sun

Living in a tropical location such as Cairns is incredibly beautiful and worthwhile, but in addition to the mold issues, the sun can also pose some problems for homes and buildings. However, many local painters use heat reflective paints to protect homes and industrial buildings from potential sun damages.

Find the Perfect Painter for Your Home

Thanks to social media, online forums, and websites such as Yelp, Google Businesses, and True Local, it’s easier than ever to find local and reputable contractors to hire for your outdoor painting needs. When hiring a painter, make sure that you do your homework and perform any necessary research until you find a contractor who you are comfortable working with.

Before you hire a contractor, you should ask them a few questions and compare their answers to at least two other companies. Ask about a company’s pricing, paint options, estimated time frame, and see if they can provide any references. Even if you go off of a referral, it will be beneficial to interview the company before committing to their work.

Painting Equipment

Find a Great Painter

Local painters will do your outside painting project better because they have plenty of opportunities for painting all year-round, the tricks of the trade and in most cases years of experience under there brush. There’s never really an “off season” for painting in Australia besides the odd rainy day, which means that painters can paint both indoors and outdoors, no matter the time of the year. They’re always gaining experience and learning new tips and tricks to make your home look amazing for the longest amount of time possible.

Because the tropical climate can pose problems for the inside and outside of your home, local painters are skilled in handling any difficult situation in the most effective way. As long as you do your research, gather referrals, and check references, you will surely be pleased with the quality of work that gets done.

10 Types of Things You’d Better Leave in a Self-Storage Unit

Storage Unit With Multiple Areas to Store

A self-storage unit can come in handy if you are moving from one area to another, if you are renovating your home or for various other reasons. Many people use them to store valuable objects they are not using on a day-to-day basis but want to have them available for later. If you are among the latter category, or just looking to store things you collect, you should know that storage units can be the ideal place for your precious items, provided they are climate-controlled units. We have used self storage on numerous occasions with great customer services and pricing. A storage feature that keeps your indoor temperature between 10 and 25 degrees and maintains humidity levels constant will be the perfect solution for your valuables.

Here are a few types of objects you would better leave in a special storage unit, rather than moving them back to the house and presumably store in worse conditions.

  • Furniture pieces made of wood

Wood is very sensitive to rot, moisture, excessive heat. Over time, a precious furniture item that you had in your family for generations can suffer a lot of damage. If you don’t use that piece for your everyday household needs, it is best to opt for a climate-controlled unit, where it is kept away from excessive heat and temperature variations, or from too much humidity.

  • Furniture items made of leather

Leather CouchLeather is another extra-sensitive material that can be severely damaged by too hot or too cold fluctuations. Especially pricier leather pieces should be stored in climate-controlled storage units, where they are also safeguarded from UV exposure producing discoloration.

  • Electrical appliances
    Climate control will protect any of your household items that you are not using at the moment, from ovens to dishwashers or refrigerators. Keeping them around the house might affect the mechanical or electronic parts.
  • Musical instruments

Whether you require short term or long term storage for your musical instruments, keep in mind they are really delicate and storing them in a temperature- controlled area is a real must. You can store percussion, strings, brass or woodwind instruments. Some of these are really sensitive and require a certain temperature, for instance, woodwind instruments need to be stored at below 20 degrees. Make sure to discuss these aspects with your renter.

  • Special collectables

You are collecting all those precious objects in order to preserve them for the future. You don’t want them ruined by exposure to elements, temperature fluctuations and other external factors. So, make sure you choose a storage unit that offers this kind of protection. You can store anything, from precious coins to your wine collection, from your rare comics set to stamps.

Art Glass

  • Art work and art supplies

All the artwork you have been keeping in your house over the years should be in a climate-controlled storage unit. Canvas are extremely susceptible to degradation from extreme moisture. The same goes with artwork supplies. If you don’t use them, it is best to keep them stored in proper conditions.

  • Clothing items

Do you need a place to store your precious wedding gown? Is your home space so cluttered, that you really need a place to keep all those winter or valuable clothing items, manteaus, fur coats or silk shirts? The last thing you need is have them affected by mould or mildew. The best option is a climate controlled unit.

  • Paperwork and business documents

A climate controlled unit is the only thing that can protect your old paperwork or business documents from getting discoloured or damaged by moisture. Store them in file cabinets or special boxes in your storage unit, under special humidity conditions and you can keep them much longer.

  • Computers, recording devices, other electronic equipment
    The screens and internal components of plasma TVs or computers are not really doing well with extreme temperatures and higher humidity conditions. If you are no longer using your old computer, TV, or your cameras, make sure you bring them to a special storage unit.
  • Family photos

Last but not least, images recorded on camera and printed on paper or cardboard are subject to temperature variation alterations. If you don’t want to lose all those nice memories of your family, make sure to look for a self-storage solution, especially one with climate control.

Your precious belongings should always be safe from external temperature variations and bad weather. If you want to preserve them for more years and get the best of their value, secure the services of a professional storage unit renter that has climate controlled facilities for rent.

Why Decorative Concrete is Value for Your Money

Designer concrete surface with a patturn

Decorative concrete is a logical choice when it comes to saving money, improving sustainability, and contributing to the overall aesthetics and quality of your project. One thing that is certain is that we are all looking for value and making our hard-earned money go further. Those involved in the concrete resurfacing service industry know that on a construction project, the value of designer concrete comes out trumps time and again.

One of the primary premises of value engineering is that basic functions be maintained and not reduced as a consequence of reducing costs. What you want is an improved final product that is easier to maintain and more affordable, and that’s where decorative concrete wins. There are several popular applications where this type of surfacing can offer significant benefits in terms of cost savings, aesthetics, and performance.

Theme Parks

Instead of traditional masonry pavers for pedestrian areas and flatwork, more theme parts are using a concrete resurfacing service to lay stamped concrete. By doing so, the parks get to enjoy a dramatic reduction in long-term care and maintenance. Over time, pavers can become loose, or they even settle which can result in tripping hazards. Replacing the current pavers with new ones can lead to an undesirable aesthetic as it’s hard to get the colours to match exactly.

The advantages of decorative concrete in theme parks include:

  • The elimination of tripping hazards that can increase liability for the parks
  • No loose pa
    vers that require resetting
  • Stamped concrete is safer, easier to maintain, and enjoys a long lifespan

Interior Flooring

Concrete Floor inside a house that has been polished by spray on concrete melbourneMore and more large retailers are opting for this type of concrete flooring to finish their floors, as opposed to the more traditional high-maintenance floors that can fail when exposed to moisture. Even smaller retailers have reported finding stained concrete floors to be more attractive and cost effective. Another popular choice is polished concrete, which can be found in medical and educational facilities. Polished concrete creates a light-reflective, attractive, and easy-to-maintain surface that is highly durable.

Decorative concrete for interior floors offers:

  • Good light reflection
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need for floor coverings
  • Better resistance to heavy foot traffic and moisture
  • Longer lifespan and reduced maintenance

Green Buildings

This is yet another area where a concrete resurfacing service can be used. Traditional floor coverings in sustainable building practices typically require adhesives to emit VOCs into the atmosphere which can dramatically reduce the indoor air quality. Green buildings that have concrete surfaces contribute to sustainability in a variety of areas and provide thermal mass while also improving light reflectivity. Light-colored concrete flooring has also been proven to reduce what is known as the urban heat island effect, as it improves solar-reflectivity values.

The advantages of decorative concrete in Green Houses include:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced energy requirements
  • The conservation of resources. Concrete is made mainly from recycled materials

For your next construction project, why not consider applying decorative concrete floors?

A Glimpse of Home Design in Melbourne Australia


How do I make a good cityscape view out of my 50th-floor condominium? How should I create good lighting angles to make an attractive getaway home for my family? What should I change to make this old, abandoned home attractive to my customers and yield jingling profit? The desire of renovation brings about these thoughts.

From a Spanish hacienda to a personally designed glasshouse, anything could be thought and done. Making it from an old house with a garden could be tricky, but when you begin to beautify, open the view, and grant accessibility to this garden, an old home could become the Red Queen’s Kingdom from Alice in Wonderland. You could have quality time with your children while enjoying the beautiful velvet view. Of course, these things need much thought and possibly inspiration, so why not gather ideas from some of the greatest places in the world!

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne1Try Melbourne, Australia. The world down under not only offers you kangaroos but also beautifully designed homes for your eyes to feast. Here, you could find lots of homes admitting themselves to different property styles befitting to the era of the building.

Primarily composed of either high or low-set timber construction, the Queenslander architecture style is one of the known home styles of Australia. It was created around the 1840’s to survive the wet climate, and originated in Queensland. The house appears to stay afloat as it is designed to be prone to flooding.

Victorian architecture, however, collectively refers to some of the building created about Queen Victoria’s reign from around 1860-1880. These houses are commonly found to have double hung windows often arched in shape.

Victorian era designStyle

A shallow roof made from slate or corrugated iron, an overall asymmetrical composition, a semi-octagonal projecting front room, windows double hung with timber with decorative window hoods and an external facade consisting of walls decoratively rendered are what makes for an Italianate style of architecture. Also originating from the Victorian period, the Italianate style exhibits resemblance to the Grand Italian Villas.

Low-pitched roof houses often replicas of today’s buildings are some Contemporary architecture and are often designed to create an economical use of building materials. These houses often have large windows at corners, vertical weatherboards or large cement sheet exterior walls, and low-pitched roofs with corrugated iron or steel decked roofing.

designs that came up during the gold rush

The Gold Rush and the economic boom gave the opportunity for the Boom Style architecture to be born. Usually clad in lavish decors and detailed ornamentation to the external facade, these houses often have polychromatic rendered and textured solid bricks and windows double hung with timber, also decorated well.

Originating in America is the Californian Bungalow style of architecture,  with roofs tiled with terracotta or concrete roof tiles. Thick columns hold up the verdana area of these houses. Windows are double-hung with timber, some even having leadlights. Exteriors commonly feature red brickwork.

There may be more architectural types usable as the basis of renovating your home. All you have to do is either look for inspiration, create your ideas, or make something that befits the current needs of the vast majority of the potential buyers.

Please stay tuned for future articles that will help you out for your design needs. Thank you!