Storage Unit With Multiple Areas to Store

A self-storage unit can come in handy if you are moving from one area to another, if you are renovating your home or for various other reasons. Many people use them to store valuable objects they are not using on a day-to-day basis but want to have them available for later. If you are among the latter category, or just looking to store things you collect, you should know that storage units can be the ideal place for your precious items, provided they are climate-controlled units. We have used self storage on numerous occasions with great customer services and pricing. A storage feature that keeps your indoor temperature between 10 and 25 degrees and maintains humidity levels constant will be the perfect solution for your valuables.

Here are a few types of objects you would better leave in a special storage unit, rather than moving them back to the house and presumably store in worse conditions.

  • Furniture pieces made of wood

Wood is very sensitive to rot, moisture, excessive heat. Over time, a precious furniture item that you had in your family for generations can suffer a lot of damage. If you don’t use that piece for your everyday household needs, it is best to opt for a climate-controlled unit, where it is kept away from excessive heat and temperature variations, or from too much humidity.

  • Furniture items made of leather

Leather CouchLeather is another extra-sensitive material that can be severely damaged by too hot or too cold fluctuations. Especially pricier leather pieces should be stored in climate-controlled storage units, where they are also safeguarded from UV exposure producing discoloration.

  • Electrical appliances
    Climate control will protect any of your household items that you are not using at the moment, from ovens to dishwashers or refrigerators. Keeping them around the house might affect the mechanical or electronic parts.
  • Musical instruments

Whether you require short term or long term storage for your musical instruments, keep in mind they are really delicate and storing them in a temperature- controlled area is a real must. You can store percussion, strings, brass or woodwind instruments. Some of these are really sensitive and require a certain temperature, for instance, woodwind instruments need to be stored at below 20 degrees. Make sure to discuss these aspects with your renter.

  • Special collectables

You are collecting all those precious objects in order to preserve them for the future. You don’t want them ruined by exposure to elements, temperature fluctuations and other external factors. So, make sure you choose a storage unit that offers this kind of protection. You can store anything, from precious coins to your wine collection, from your rare comics set to stamps.

Art Glass

  • Art work and art supplies

All the artwork you have been keeping in your house over the years should be in a climate-controlled storage unit. Canvas are extremely susceptible to degradation from extreme moisture. The same goes with artwork supplies. If you don’t use them, it is best to keep them stored in proper conditions.

  • Clothing items

Do you need a place to store your precious wedding gown? Is your home space so cluttered, that you really need a place to keep all those winter or valuable clothing items, manteaus, fur coats or silk shirts? The last thing you need is have them affected by mould or mildew. The best option is a climate controlled unit.

  • Paperwork and business documents

A climate controlled unit is the only thing that can protect your old paperwork or business documents from getting discoloured or damaged by moisture. Store them in file cabinets or special boxes in your storage unit, under special humidity conditions and you can keep them much longer.

  • Computers, recording devices, other electronic equipment
    The screens and internal components of plasma TVs or computers are not really doing well with extreme temperatures and higher humidity conditions. If you are no longer using your old computer, TV, or your cameras, make sure you bring them to a special storage unit.
  • Family photos

Last but not least, images recorded on camera and printed on paper or cardboard are subject to temperature variation alterations. If you don’t want to lose all those nice memories of your family, make sure to look for a self-storage solution, especially one with climate control.

Your precious belongings should always be safe from external temperature variations and bad weather. If you want to preserve them for more years and get the best of their value, secure the services of a professional storage unit renter that has climate controlled facilities for rent.