Sophie DowdHello, welcome to Verge Restaurant, my name is Sophie Dowd.

Verge Restaurant have changed over the years, started out as a website that focuses on our food and menu before, until we decided to venture other business and finally, we settled on home design and renovation. In the website’s few years of experience, we have changed staff, theme, we also have to overhaul our website from scratch but one thing will be the same, this site will be my baby.

Home design is a vague concept, in the future, we will actually include the family concept itself, we will be adding a family psychologist to our team to help us out because we want to post articles regarding family advises. It will be done real soon but for now, we will focus on articles regarding home design, renovation and repair. We will provide expert tips and ideas to our graphics experts readers and we’ll always provide pictures and discussion of recent fads when it comes to home design.

If you are interested about future useful articles regarding home design, or general blog, do not fret, we planned to make this transition permanent, so this website will solely focus on that. You could say that we are creating a menu for homeowners and designer alike.

We are still a restaurant in a sense that we will satisfy the craving of our readers. Our avid readers can also subscribe to our RSS feed by adding /feed in VRT’s URL. If you prefer getting the articles sent directly to your email, you can easily use the email subscription field, contents will be sent to you in advance so it would be advantageous and we promise that no marketing or spam messages will be sent to you.