How do I make a good cityscape view out of my 50th-floor condominium? How should I create good lighting angles to make an attractive getaway home for my family? What should I change to make this old, abandoned home attractive to my customers and yield jingling profit? The desire of renovation brings about these thoughts.

From a Spanish hacienda to a personally designed glasshouse, anything could be thought and done. Making it from an old house with a garden could be tricky, but when you begin to beautify, open the view, and grant accessibility to this garden, an old home could become the Red Queen’s Kingdom from Alice in Wonderland. You could have quality time with your children while enjoying the beautiful velvet view. Of course, these things need much thought and possibly inspiration, so why not gather ideas from some of the greatest places in the world!

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne1Try Melbourne, Australia. The world down under not only offers you kangaroos but also beautifully designed homes for your eyes to feast. Here, you could find lots of homes admitting themselves to different property styles befitting to the era of the building.

Primarily composed of either high or low-set timber construction, the Queenslander architecture style is one of the known home styles of Australia. It was created around the 1840’s to survive the wet climate, and originated in Queensland. The house appears to stay afloat as it is designed to be prone to flooding.

Victorian architecture, however, collectively refers to some of the building created about Queen Victoria’s reign from around 1860-1880. These houses are commonly found to have double hung windows often arched in shape.

Victorian era designStyle

A shallow roof made from slate or corrugated iron, an overall asymmetrical composition, a semi-octagonal projecting front room, windows double hung with timber with decorative window hoods and an external facade consisting of walls decoratively rendered are what makes for an Italianate style of architecture. Also originating from the Victorian period, the Italianate style exhibits resemblance to the Grand Italian Villas.

Low-pitched roof houses often replicas of today’s buildings are some Contemporary architecture and are often designed to create an economical use of building materials. These houses often have large windows at corners, vertical weatherboards or large cement sheet exterior walls, and low-pitched roofs with corrugated iron or steel decked roofing.

designs that came up during the gold rush

The Gold Rush and the economic boom gave the opportunity for the Boom Style architecture to be born. Usually clad in lavish decors and detailed ornamentation to the external facade, these houses often have polychromatic rendered and textured solid bricks and windows double hung with timber, also decorated well.

Originating in America is the Californian Bungalow style of architecture,  with roofs tiled with terracotta or concrete roof tiles. Thick columns hold up the verdana area of these houses. Windows are double-hung with timber, some even having leadlights. Exteriors commonly feature red brickwork.

There may be more architectural types usable as the basis of renovating your home. All you have to do is either look for inspiration, create your ideas, or make something that befits the current needs of the vast majority of the potential buyers.

Please stay tuned for future articles that will help you out for your design needs. Thank you!