If you’re new to learning about skip bin hire, some background information on bin hire might be useful. A skip is a large open-topped container used for waste, which is designed for loading onto a special type of lorry. After the skip is picked up and hauled away, the bin is removed from the lorry and is then tipped at a transfer station or landfill site. When the skip is removed from the lorry, it is replaced with an empty skip.

Tips when hiring a skip bin privider

Bins Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Bins come in different shapes and sizes to fit your household or industrial needs. Deciding on the perfect sized bin depends on the type and size of waste that you wish to use them for. Weight limited skips are available for general domestic or commercial waste that is light, or you can choose to order a combination of skip bins which may cost less.

Types of waste are generally split into eight groups, including general waste, green waste, mixed heavy waste, clean waste, mixed rubble, household, asbestos, and excavation waste. Bin suppliers, as well as waste facilities are strict when it comes to placing the correct types of waste into bins and additional charges may apply if necessary.

Types of Bins

There are four popular skin bins available, including marrel skip bins, hook lift bins, mobile skips, and skip bags. Marrel skip bins have higher sides but are shorter in length than the hook lift bins. In most cases, you will require a permit for any bin that is not placed on your property, such as the road or nature strip.

Hook lift bins are longer in length and have lower sides with a rear opening tailgate for easy bobcat access. A permit is usually required if you plan to place your bin anywhere else than on your property. If in doubt, it’s always best to contact your local council for more information.

Rusty Skip BinMobile skips cannot hold heavy waste, but they are great for everyday use. They have lockable lids and can conveniently be placed in garages, parking stations, and under carports. Mobile skips have wheels and are road registered vehicles. They are transported on the back of a trailer and can be placed on the road without a council payment. However, you do need to follow general parking rules and regulations.

Skip bags, on the other hand, are perfect for long-term waste disposal. They are great if you don’t know how big of a bin you need or how long it’ll take to fill it. Often times, skip bags can be kept for up to two months at a time, and you just need to call your supplier to schedule a date for collection and waste disposal.

Find the Perfect Bin for You and Your Household

Even though there are several things to consider before choosing an appropriate bin hire, hopefully these tips will be helpful for finding the perfect skip bin for your needs!